Northport HS seniors named students of distinction

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The Northport-East Northport School District is proud to announce Northport High School senior Isabella DeBrino as the Science Student of the Month and senior Ryan Heinzman as the Technology and Engineering Student of the Month.
District Chairperson of Science, Technology and Engineering Education David Storch described Isabella as an exemplary student “who pushes herself to be the very best.” She has taken honors scientific investigation courses in living environment, chemistry and physics, as well as four years of advanced placement science research. She is also currently working to complete her International Baccalaureate courses to earn an IB diploma in June. 
Since middle school, Isabella has developed original science experiments and has won numerous science fairs. Additionally, she has worked on science research projects at both Johns Hopkins University and Stony Brook University. 
In addition to her science accolades, Isabella has been an essential contributor to many school and community extracurricular clubs and committees and, for years, has helped host the annual STEM Challenge at Northport High School. “The STEM Challenge is a great way to provide children with an opportunity to use creativity and critical thinking to solve a problem while also learning to work as a team,” Isabella said. 
Ryan Heinzman’s high school career has been just as impressive. Mr. Storch described him as a “bright and self-motivated young man with an outstanding sense of integrity. 
Over the past four years, Ryan has taken seven technology courses, two Project Lead the Way engineering courses and every high school course on automotive and wood technology. Supplementing his technology classes, he has taken honors courses in Regents science and Advanced Placement calculus.
  Additionally, Ryan is a member of the Civil Air Patrol, where he raises funds for the unit and marches in the color guard. He also regularly volunteers at a respite program where he works with special needs children and their families. 
After graduation, Ryan plans to study technology and engineering education at SUNY Oswego. He intends to return to Northport High School after earning his degree to teach and give back to the community that shaped him.