Middle School students become teachers at Northport preschool

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February is all about teaching preschool students at The Learning Experience in Northport how to use their five senses: touch, sight, sound, smell and taste. On Feb. 24, Northport Middle School students in the school’s community service club visited the preschool to lend a helping hand.

Middle school volunteers read books and provided hands-on activities, including the construction of a textured hot air balloon craft, to teach the preschoolers how to use their five senses to explore the world around them. The club’s advisors, Linda Dillon and Danielle Cardinale, partnered with Northport-based non-profit agency, Youth Directions and Alternatives, which is dedicated to serving children in the Elwood, Harborfields and Northport-East Northport communities.

It was a fun-filled day as student volunteers learned about the needs of young children while developing a positive rapport with crucial organizations within the community.