Rohan Murphy inspires students at East-Northport MS

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East-Northport and Northport middle school seventh graders sat in awe as star wrestler Rohan Murphy did 55 push-ups on stage with ease. But what’s more impressive, he did so without legs.
After being born with several birth defects, leaving his legs facing backwards, Mr. Murphy had both of his legs amputated at four years old. He thought at the time that he had been “dealt a bad hand in life” and would never achieve his goal of playing a sport in school. It wasn’t until his freshmen year at East Islip High School that he was encouraged to join the school’s junior varsity wrestling team, where, for the first time, he was accepted for who he was.
From there, he moved on to study under American professional wrestler Brock Lesnar at the University of Michigan’s 28-day summer wrestling camp. After graduating from high school, he achieved his second life goal of graduating from Penn State University, where he wrestled for four years.
Mr. Murphy, now a professional motivational speaker, has visited schools across 22 states to deliver his message about overcoming obstacles. On March 2, he left the Northport-East Northport students with two main takeaways: be inclusive, not exclusive, and no excuses.
“If you’re dealt a bad hand in life, it doesn’t mean that you have to fold,” he said. “Everyone has to overcome some type of adversity in life and it comes in all shapes and forms. All of you have a choice in your lives to be average, good or great. I hope you choose to be great. You get one life so you might as well make it count.”