NHS senior joins U.S. Naval Academy Class of 2024

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Northport High School senior Thomas Fodor recently signed his acceptance letter into the United States Naval Academy Class of 2024.
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Congratulations to Northport High School senior Thomas Fodor who was recently accepted into the United States Naval Academy. On June 25, he will be inducted into the Naval Academy Class of 2024 and will begin six challenging weeks of basic midshipman training as part of the Academy’s “Plebe,” or freshman class.

Thomas is a three-season varsity athlete in Northport High School’s cross-country, winter and spring track and field teams. He is team captain in all three sports and has earned numerous Section, State and National honors throughout his successful career at Northport.

“More importantly, he is a gentleman in every sense of the word,” Mark Dantuono, the district’s director of health, physical education and athletics, said. “He is what all should strive to follow and embody.”

Thomas plans to continue his passion for track and field in the academy, where he will have no internet access, nor access to television, music or movies.

Approximately 1,200 candidates are selected each year for the Academy’s “plebe” and each student is required to participate in Plebe Summer. Last year the Naval Academy received over 16,000 applications for the Class of 2023.

The pressure and rigor of Plebe Summer is carefully designed to help plebes prepare for their first academic year at the Naval Academy and the four years of challenges that await them. As the summer progresses, the new midshipmen rapidly assimilate basic skills in seamanship, navigation, damage control, sailing, infantry drill and handling yard patrol craft. Training sessions also involve moral, mental, physical or professional development and team-building skills.