NAS Student’s Talent Show Performance Gets Unexpected Response

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Norwood Avenue Elementary School third grader, Charlotte DeLeo, recently submitted her talent show performance of Lisa Loeb’s song, “Stay,” where she recreated the popular music video, complete with a cat in a chair. What happened next was a welcome but unexpected surprise.

Charlotte’s father submitted her performance to Loeb’s manager and was pleasantly surprised to receive a video response from the award-winning singer songwriter herself.

“I am beyond thrilled for Charlotte to have found an area to shine and be recognized for her efforts,” music teacher Maureen Edwards said.

“Charlotte, I am so impressed with you. You and your team did an unbelievable job recreating the video, even with the cat in the chair. Some people even call my song ‘cat in the chair,’” Loeb said. “Stay well and stay connected to all of the people who love you.”