East Northport Middle School Teacher Attends NASA Program

NASA Program Pic 1
NASA Program Pic 2
East Northport Middle School sixth-grade math and science teacher Matthew Gorman recently visited the NASA Johnson Space Center to participate in the Microgravity University for Educators activity.

Through a competitive selection process, Gorman was selected as one of 60 educators to perform experiments on behalf of K-12 students in simulated microgravity environments. He was assigned to one of the 12 teams of educators from throughout the nation.

The teams were encouraged to design a solution to a technical problem or an improvement to an existing solution identified by NASA scientists and engineers. They were then asked to submit a Satellite Launching Experimental Device design to be tested on behalf of their K-12 students at Johnson Space Center's Space Vehicle Mock-Up Facility.

Prior to Gorman’s trip, his sixth-grade students worked in the classroom on their Satellite Launching Experimental Design for their teacher to test while at the NASA Johnson Space Center. He also met a NASA employee who was taught by his grandfather in the Northport-East Northport School District and spoke with a NASA pilot that was from Northport.

The teams of educators were assigned a NASA engineer or scientist to guide them through the Engineering Design Process before arriving. Gorman tested a student-derived Satellite Launching Experimental Device on the Precision Air Bearing Floor, while videoconferencing with students back home.