Students Recognized for Outstanding Character

Students Recognized for Outstanding Character Photo

Forty-three Northport High School students were honored on April 25 at the school’s Kids with Character Luncheon. The high school holds the event twice a year to award deserving students with a certificate for showcasing excellent character in school.

The students were each nominated by one of their teachers for being a positive member of the school community. The students and several faculty members gathered in the school’s small cafeteria where pizza was provided.

Northport High School Commons Director and art teacher Linda Johansen facilitated the event and thanked the students for their positive contributions to making the school a better place.

“You are wonderful students who have stood out for displaying character, whether it be in the form of tolerance, respect, commitment, teamwork, persistence, selflessness or sportsmanship,” said Johansen. “Congratulations to you all and thank you for having the courage to do the right thing. You do make a difference.”

Each student was called up to the podium where they received a certificate and heard the positive recommendation from their teacher on why they deserved to be recognized.