Bellerose Students Learn the Importance of Recycling

Bellerose Students Learn the Importance of Recycling Photo

Bellerose Avenue Elementary School students recently received a special visit from two Town of Huntington representatives in honor of Earth Day. The representatives hosted two assemblies at the school that focused on what can be recycled and the importance of protecting the Earth.

The students learned about how long different materials decompose when they are not recycled and how throwing valuable resources away can harm the Earth. Important facts were presented and classes learned that it takes 400 to 500 years for a plastic bottle to break down.

Representative Audrey Gallo explained what happens to materials when you recycle them and brought explains in to show the students. This included presenting a teddy bear and pillow made from plastic soda bottles. Gallo also walked the classes through the life cycle of paper and discussed how important recycling paper is to the environment.

The students were encouraged to use the recycling bins in their classrooms and at the conclusion of the assemblies, they had the opportunity to ask questions about what can and cannot be recycled.