Safety First

Safety First Photo

Northport High School students participated in the school’s annual CPR/AED Awareness Day on May 24. CPR/AED Awareness Day is an outgrowth of a grant that the high school won about eight years ago from the American Heart Association. Lacrosse coach George Searing and Assistant Principal Denise Keenan wrote the grant in response to a tragedy the school community experienced back in 2000. Northport High School student Louis Acompora suffered commotio cordis leading to sudden cardiac arrest on the lacrosse field. The grant money was designated to promote awareness of the need for CPR and AED information, awareness, training and equipment in schools.

Health teachers Tracey Braun, Diana Vitale and Melissa Pissanos expanded the program and gave students the opportunity to rotate through various stations in the school with different information and training. The students started at the first station which gave them a card titled, “I Can Save a Life.” The card was to be stamped at each station and after completion, each participant was entered into a raffle for a chance to win a number of prizes.  

Stations included the Northport Fire Department with junior volunteer firefighters, known as the Smokeaters. These Northport High School students showed their peers how to use a LUCAS device, which is used for compressions. Junior and senior sports medicine students also played a role in the day by facilitating stations. They showed others how to work an AED machine and how to conduct proper CPR on a distressed individual.