Programming Pals

Programming Pals Photo

Fourth grade students in Norwood Avenue Elementary School’s coding club recently visited Northport High School as part of the district’s collaborative program called “Programming Pals.” The fourth-graders worked in conjunction with high school students to learn more about coding and “Makerspace” type activities.

High school students created different centers that the fourth-graders rotated through. Stations included: Mad Libs, where students coded using different adjectives to produce a funny story; Tic Tac Toe, where students had to choose numbers in a coded version of the game to play against the computer and win; App Inventor, where students programmed an App to be customized in the way they want it to appear on a phone; Fidget Spinner, where students used hot glue, bearings, washers and popsicle sticks to create the popular gadget and Ozobots, where high school students helped fourth-graders navigate how to program small robots to follow a specific path by following commands.

“Our hope is that the younger students get to see and experience what is offered and available in the high school,” said Instructional Technology Resource Teacher Jennifer Baranaskas.