Budding Entrepreneurs

Budding Entrepreneurs photo

Twenty-five students in grades 1-8 recently participated in the Northport Youth Business Academy, a new week-long summer program at Northport High School that focused on exploring business ideas and learning how businesses contribute to the community.

Under the guidance of Northport High School business teacher Kristen Cogan, students learned valuable skills such as writing a resume, tying a tie and executing a proper handshake. They also had the opportunity to start their own business by creating a name, logo and business plan. This included determining their target audience, resources and product price. Students designed their products during the week and learned how to promote their creations, track their finances and manage a team.

Five Northport High School students also took part in the program by helping the students with their businesses.

“It was wonderful to see young people start to think in an entrepreneurial way and gain a general understanding that the business world touches everyone, no matter what career path you're interested in pursuing,” said Cogan. “It was also wonderful to see my high school students teach and mentor the younger students. They were able to take what they've learned and do something amazing with that knowledge.” 

At the conclusion of the week, family and friends were invited to a tradeshow where students showcased their ideas. They presented their “companies” with business cards and a sales pitch and challenged their loved ones to a game of Kahoot!, an interactive game of business trivia that the high school students designed.