Jumping into the school year for Northport-East Northport Students

Jumping into the school year for Northport-East Northport Students photo

On Sept. 6, students returned for the 2017-18 school year. Despite the drizzle, children attending the elementary schools were all smiles as they disembarked the busses, greeted by the faces of familiar friends and teachers. At Ocean Avenue Elemntary, Principal Sabina Larkin greeted students warmly as they hopped off busses or let go of parents’ hands, and headed into the school.

“We’re excited to get started right away,” Larkin said. “We waste no time jumping right into the school year!”

In the district’s elementary schools, daily “morning meetings” have been set into place, to help build community in classrooms. These meetings help teachers focus not only on educational learning, but on social and emotional learning. Students sat in circles and spent time getting to know their teachers, and one another. 

Northport and East Northport middle schoolers jumped right into their first day as well. New sixth graders studied their schedules and traversed the hallways to find the right classrooms, toting their new Chromebooks. 

“I’m excited to be using a laptop in school,” sixth grader Quinn Mclaughlin said. 

Northport High School students, who are more than accustomed to the first day of school, traveled the hallways in pods, with existing and new friends. Later on in the week, an ice cream social for the freshmen will be held, to help them further get to know one another—and to further spread Northport-East Northport School District’s mantra, “Kindness matters.” 

“Kindness matters is especially important at the high school level,” Assistant Principal Terrence Hinson said. “We want to teach them that this is no place for hate, and the things they say and do can seriously affect others.”