“Uke” can do it at Pulaski Road School

“Uke” can do it at Pulaski Road School photo

This week, students at Pulaski Road Elementary School had the opportunity to play the ukulele—many for the first time. Music teacher Cristen Salisbury kicked off the lesson by showing students in David Kaiser’s fifth-grade class the basics of holding the instrument, how to strum the ukulele, and the correct amount of pressure to apply to the strings.

Several years ago, the district purchased six classroom sets of ukuleles as a result of their high demand in the Summer Music Program. Teachers discovered that in a short amount of time, students were able to learn five to six chords, which comprise 50% of the American songbook of folk and popular music. 

“Learning these chords help students to unlock some of the mysteries of music composition by empowering them to write their own music,” said Dr. Izzet Mergen, Director of Fine and Performing Arts.

After learning the basics from Ms. Salisbury, students then praticed strumming the strings as if flicking water off of their hands and forming different chords to create beautiful tunes by the conclusion of class.

“It’s such a great opportunity to get kids interested in playing an instrument, especially if they’ve never played one before,” said Ms. Salisbury.