Exploring Nature at Bellerose Elementary

Exploring Nature at Bellerose Elementary 2017

On Sept. 29, students from Bellerose Avenue Elementary in the Northport-East Northport School District participated in a nature hike in celebration of National Public Lands Day. Volunteers from the Town of Huntington guided individual classes through trails behind the school grounds. During the two weeks leading up to the hike, students were taught to use and create science field guides, which they utilized on their hikes.

Younger students trekked through the woods looking for signs of fall and sketched them in their notebooks. Fourth and fifth graders focused on spotting living and nonliving elements, and how they interacted with one another. During the hikes, students stopped to sketch leaves, moss, animal footprints, and glacial erratics. Throughout the hikes, students answered questions posed by the volunteer guides, and showcased their knowledge of nature.

“It’s really exciting to be integrating outdoor learning into our curriculum,” said Instructional Coordinator Dana Ward.