Shaving for St. Baldrick’s

Shaving for St. Baldrick’s photo

The Northport Middle School auditorium was literally buzzing after school on Friday, Mar. 9 as the room hosted the annual St. Baldrick’s head-shaving event to raise money for the fight against childhood cancer. Representatives of St. Baldrick’s Foundation were on hand to shave the heads of 14 generous students who agreed to have their heads shaved in exchange for donations.

Those volunteering sat patiently in their chairs and temporarily bid their locks of hair farewell for this great cause. Northport Middle School St. Baldrick’s team captain Mary Jean Crane took a seat at the shaving chair as well, along with a few other brave young women. Crane, along with three other dedicated participants, were officially inducted into the “St. Baldrick’s Knights of the Bald Table” for their seventh year of participation.

Ironically, the nickname for all Northport Middle School athletic teams is “The Bald Eagles” and students were more than happy to assume the identity.

What began as an agreement between 17 individuals at a St. Patrick’s Day party in a Manhattan pub in New York City 18 years ago has emerged into the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which organizes and assists with head shaving events taking place during the St. Patrick’s Day holiday season. Shaving events have raised millions upon millions of dollars toward the best research practices to help find a cure for cancers affecting children.

Other schools within the district schools held their own St. Baldrick’s fundraisers, including Dickinson Avenue Elementary, Bellerose Avenue Elementary, and others, and together raised over $63,000!