Foreign Language Museum

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Northport Middle School world language teacher Jaime Serna recently transformed his classroom into a foreign language museum, filled with artifacts, garb and various articles representing different Spanish-speaking nations.

Students were invited to tour the museum throughout the day on Mar. 9 under one condition: each visitor was asked to fill out two tickets documenting two things they learned from their visit. Prior to opening its doors, seventh-graders created passports, which they used to travel about the different countries represented in the room.

Along the way, students sported sombreros, tried their hands at instruments and played games from Spain. They also tested the durability of a baby carrier used by the Nahua natives of Mexico.

There were even ceramic pieces that produced sounds mimicking the animals they were sculpted to resemble. In the center of the room hung a hammock from Colombia for anyone who needed to take a rest!

Special thanks to the Huntington Arts Council for lending some exhibits to Serna’s museum.