“Cyber”ian Tigers power up

cyber tiger picture 1
cyber tiger picture 2
The Northport High School Cyberian Tigers competed in the FIRST Robotics Long Island Regional Event at Hofstra University. The event took place for three days, and the team reached semifinals with a record of 9-7-0 and a rank of 13 out of 35 teams. Participating students spent six weeks building their robots to compete.

The competition included two games played by six robots split between red and blue alliances. Students programmed their robots for autonomous operation in addition to being controlled remotely. Competition rounds took place on a uniquely designed playing field.

Judges measured the effectiveness of each robot as well as the collaborative efforts and determination of the students. Awards are presented for design, technology, theme and sportsmanship. In this year’s retro themed game, alliances of three robots had to move crates, called Power Cubes, onto scales. The alliances are scored based on how long they can keep control of the scales.