A Day in the Life

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During the first half of May, fifth-grade students headed to Northport Middle School in the fall attended their sixth-grade orientation. Students were guided by sixth-graders through “a day in the life” of a Northport middle-schooler by means of a school-wide scavenger hunt.

Each group of students was given a clue to decipher that would bring them to a different location in the building. Upon arrival, group leaders would explain where they were, what they would do there, and answer any questions the fifth-graders had—and then they would obtain the next clue to move onto their next location. At each station, staff and faculty members gave students a clue and then ascertained whether or not they solved it correctly.

“We’ve found that running orientation as an immersion experience is much more beneficial to the students,” said Assistant Principal Dr. Chelsea Brown, “and it makes the future first day of school seem a little less daunting.”