Investigate Students Present “Project Citizen”

Investigate Students Present “Project Citizen” photo
Investigate Students Present “Project Citizen” photo 2
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Sixth-grade students from Northport and East Northport Middle School visited Touro Law Center to present their semester-long projects entitled “Project Citizen” to Suffolk County Legislator Monica Martinez on May 30. These students are a part of the schools’ “Investigate” program, which is comprised of about 20 students across both middle schools, and works on enforcing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills in students who show an aptitude for them.

For this project in particular, students in the program first identified an issue of public policy in their community that was of concern to them. Each student then researched their chosen problem, interviewing community members who could assist them in learning more about the issue, as well as identified potential solutions by way of letter writing, emails, and phone calls. Examples of problems identified by the students included Long Island’s deer population, stranger danger, parking issues at Northport harbor and deforestation.

In addition to help from program facilitators Brianne Furstein and Fran Bertos, Northport High School law teacher David Scott also guided students in their research. Legislator Martinez and the panel were impressed with the hard work and dedication Northport-East Northport students showed in this project.

“It was incredible to watch these students begin to feel empowered to make changes in their community,” said Ms. Furstein.