District-Wide ENL Family Literacy Night

District-Wide ENL Family Literacy Night photo

On June 6, the district’s English as a New Language Department hosted an ENL Family Literacy Night. The event, open to K-12 students at Pulaski Road School, invited all of the English Language Learners (ELL) and their families to attend for a night of English learning fun. All of the ENL teachers and several of the district's reading teachers collaborated to make a fun night of literacy-based games and activities. Before the event, teachers worked create a variety of different activities and games that the students and their parents could play together over the summer to help build their literacy skills in an engaging way. There were activities for all different ages, such as shared story-telling, play doh sight words, a Head Bandz game with academic vocabulary, original comic books, and more. The teachers showed the families how to use/play each activity and the parents and students played along with the teachers at a variety of stations throughout the event.

“It was a wonderful community event with great participation from our families,” said Jennifer Nesfield, the District Chairperson of the Department of World Languages and ENL.