Teamwork and Brainpower at Ocean Ave

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Students had some end of year fun while putting their brains to work on Math, Science, and Technology (MST) Day at Ocean Avenue Elementary on June 12. Throughout the day, each grade level was broken into teams to work together and tackle a STEM-related challenge. For each challenge, students had to use provided recycled materials and immense brainpower to accomplish a common goal.

Activities included constructing the tallest tower, building roller-coasters for marble “vehicles,” and an egg drop without cracking the shell.

During the fifth-grade session, where students attempted to build the tallest free-standing tower with only newspapers and masking tape, it was apparent that each group had different a tactic to achieve success. Some spent more time folding the papers and carefully placing them on top of each other, while others just crumpled, rolled, and wrapped the newspapers in tape at the speed of light.

“We knew that the base is the most important part,” said Hallie, whose tower was taller than any member of her group. “So we made sure to enforce that first, and went from there.”