Investigate Students Sprint Towards Success

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Fourth-grade students in the district’s Investigate program recently competed in and were named winners in multiple categories at the Cradle of Aviation’s Junior Solar Sprint Competition. These fourth-graders are a part of the district-wide program that works on enforcing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills in those who show an aptitude for them.

The Junior Solar Sprint is a model car competition that incorporates the use of renewable energy into the design of the cars. Students build and design a solar car and then compete against other teams in a series of time trials. Cars are also judged on design, creativity and ingenuity of the student teams.

In addition to working with Investigate facilitators Fran Bertos and Brianne Furstein, and technology teacher and department advisor Mr. George Searing, Northport High School Technology Honor Society students served as mentors for to these students.

During the competition, at which they were the youngest competitors, students were judged on their car’s time, as well as their engineering notebooks, in which they kept detailed notes and drawings of the entire engineering and design process.

The winners include the following:
1st Place in Time – Simon Blisset and Ben Abbass
1st Place in Design/Engineering – Nico Escobar and Andrew Mead
2nd Place in Design/Engineering – Daniel D’Souza and Cael Flanagan

“The examples of hard work and enthusiasm that the mentors provided was invaluable,” said Chairperson of Science & Technology Education David Storch, “and we look forward to continuing to providing our young engineers the opportunity to learn from experienced students, and to gain experience of their own!”