Congratulations Class of 2018!

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Celebrations abounded at Northport High School on June 23 as families and friends paid tribute to the graduating Class of 2018. In two separate ceremonies, the 537 young men and women stepped onto the stage to accept their diplomas and take the next step towards the future.

The festivities kicked off with “Pomp and Circumstance,” which was performed by the Graduation Honor Band. Seniors processed down the aisles to their seats, cheered on by family members and loved ones. Student Elizabeth Caccavale lead the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a performance of the national anthem by the Northport High School Choir.

After principal Daniel Danbusky’s opening welcome to all in attendance, and a beautifully harmonious rendition of “Field of Gold” performed by the high school choir, Salutatorian Nicholas Holfester addressed his fellow classmates. He took a moment to reflect on the class’ four years at Northport High School, and all the years prior that brought each graduate to this point.

“If I can offer you all one piece of advice for the future, it’s this…look up,” he urged them. “Look to find the wonder in life—to find the new in the familiar, and the beauty in the ordinary. Look up. Because when you do, a world of possibility awaits you.”

Before officially presenting the Class of 2018, Principal Danbusky shared some words of wisdom with the soon-to-be-graduates.

“Don’t live life as a check-list focused on getting the right answers,” Danbusky advised the students. “It’s important to be right, but not when it comes at the cost of your own development. Always remember: learning is a process. The more you accept the process, the more you’ll enjoy your life.”

After receiving their diplomas from members of the board of education, valedictorian Daniel O’Connor stepped up to the podium to address his fellow classmates.

“In a sense, uncertainty is nothing new to us,” he said. “We’ve been dealing with it all of our lives. Who knew what elementary school would be like on the first day of first grade? Who knew what dramatic turns our lives would take in high school? None of us had these answers, and yet somehow we learned to embrace the uncertainty. Thanks to our time here at Northport, our education has extended far beyond academics, and we’re ready to step into this new season of our lives, prepared to embrace the unknown.”

Following O’Connor’s speech, the seniors moved their tassels from right to left, and exuberantly tossed their caps into the air—and the young men and women who entered the auditorium as seniors left as Northport High School alumni.