Welcome, New Teachers!

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We welcomed 25 new teachers to the district on Aug. 28 and 29 with a new teacher orientation. After being introduced to the district administration, new staff members took a bus tour to get familiar with the surrounding community. Throughout the day, teachers were given an overview of the district curriculum, instruction, technology, assessments by directors, principals, department chairs and coordinators.

During day two, teachers were assigned to professional growth mentors.

“Having new teachers in mentor-protégée relationships benefit both parties,” said Dr. Dana Boshnack, assistant superintendent for teaching and learning. “As the protégées are taught tried-and-true teaching practices, mentors can become more self-aware, improving upon their own teaching and professional competency.”

Additionally, new teachers heard from a panel of students who spoke from personal experience on school-related topics. One staff member asked the students what made a great teacher, and the students agreed on three key components. The first, a great teacher must have a solid knowledge of their subject; the second, they’re passionate about what they teach; and third, they care about each student individually, because every student has a story.

“We’re excited to welcome so many great new teachers to the district,” said Superintendent of Schools Robert Banzer, “and to see the positive impact they will have on each and every student.”