Welcome Back Students!

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After a long summer of quiet hallways and empty classrooms, the district’s students returned for the 2018-19 year on Sept. 6 and 7! Many principals, faculty and staff anticipated the arrival of students outside their buildings, greeting children as they exited their buses, or let go of their loved ones’ hands.

At Dickinson Avenue Elementary, new Principal Laurie Welch Storch greeted students with a light-up Mickey Mouse hand, offering high-fives and welcoming them to school. Students dropped off by parents posed for pictures in their new outfits and then bid them farewell as they entered the building — ready to tackle a new year, learn new things and make new memories.

“I look forward to getting to know each and every one of my students,” said Mrs. Storch. “That’s one of my favorite parts of being a principal.”

Throughout the district, elementary students were reintroduced to morning meetings. These meetings, which are a part of the responsive classroom teaching approach, are implemented daily to help build classroom community by sharing and listening.

Middle and high school students wasted no time jumping right into the academic school year. At East Northport Middle School, apart from incoming sixth graders being afforded first-day tours to solidify their mental map of the school, it was business as usual — refreshing topics in math, science and other subjects. At Northport High School, some students took advantage of the warm weather during their free periods and did their “light” schoolwork outside in a courtyard.

“I’m excited to see what this year holds,” said Jocelyn, a NHS junior. “I’m looking forward to meeting new people, for sure, but also to learning new things every day.