Creating “Whirled” Peace

Creating “Whirled” Peace photo

Students at Dickinson Avenue celebrated International Day of Peace on Sept. 21. The morning began with the entire school singing “What a Wonderful World” and planting pinwheels in front of the school.

“We are all different and unique, but we’re also very much the same,” Principal Laurie Welch Storch told her students. “It’s important to not only be kind and respectful to others, but to embrace tolerance, no matter your differences.”

Within their classrooms, teachers incorporated Pinwheels for Peace—a world-wide visual public statement of peace—into their day as well, having conversations about how to bring about peace locally and world-wide. Students created their own “whirled” peace pinwheels; decorating them with words of peace and harmony.

When questioned about ways they could create or feel peace, Dickinson Avenue second-grader Shelby answered, “Oh, that’s easy. I always have peace if I’m with my family because…love is peace.”