Turning Civic Knowledge into Civic Action

Turning Civic Knowledge into Civic Action photo
American Law and Criminal Justice students NHS were recently visited by Jaqueline Sullivan, a 2015 NHS graduate and the current Outreach Coordinator for the Town of Huntington Youth Court.

Volunteering for Youth Court gets students involved in the adjudication of real court cases that involve youth from the town. When a youth commits a crime, taking the case to the Youth Court affords them the opportunity to have the offense wiped from their record—and this type of restorative justice has been recorded to result in much fewer repeated offenses. During her visit, Ms. Sullivan explained how the court operates, how to get involved, and the skills one gains from the experience.

Social studies teacher and Project PATCH coordinator David Scott strongly advocates for students to be exposed and given opportunities to participate in real-life civic involvement.

“For our students to be empowered to make a difference, they have to see that civic learning can be translated into civic action,” said Mr. Scott. “And the Huntington Youth Court is just one example of the many opportunities students are afforded to use their knowledge and skills to change the world around them.”