NHS musicians selected for All-County and All-State festivals

NHS musicians selected for All-County and All-State festivals photo
NHS musicians selected for All-County and All-State festivals photo 2
NHS musicians selected for All-County and All-State festivals photo 3
Recently, NHS announced that 22 students have been selected for the 2018 NYSCAME All-County Music Festival. Out of those students, 10 have also been selected for the NYSSMA All-State Festival — eight of them performers, two of them featured composers.

To be selected for NYSCAME All-County, 11th and 12th-grade students must score among the top NYSSMA musicians across Suffolk County. Once selected, students then participate in three intensive rehearsal sessions, culminating with a concert in November.

Students selected for NYSSMA All-State continue on to compete on a statewide level. Those selected scored among the top musicians in New York State. The eight selected NHS All-State performing students will be traveling to Rochester from Nov. 29–Dec. 2. Along with participating in intensive rehearsals, selected students from across the state will be performing weekend concerts in Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre.

Composing senior Emma Bockrath’s electronic music piece, “I Have Never Seen It” has been chosen to be performed at the Rochester conference, marking her second year of selection. Additionally, senior Peter Mainetti was selected and will be recognized for his sixth consecutive year at the All-State level for his string quartet, “Nightmare on 26 Fenway.”

“The dedication our students show to the arts is astounding,” said Dr. Izzet Mergen, director of fine and performing arts, “and we are so proud of their hard work and success.”

All-County Performers
Katie Sierra - Orchestra, Harp
Theo Amendola - Orchestra, Trumpet/Cornet
Natalie Thieke - Band, Flute
Pegeen Friese - Band, French Horn
Sophia Olivieri - Band, Trombone
Marcos Guerrero - Band, Tuba/Sousaphone
Benjamin Strait - Orchestra, Violin
Anna Denfeld - Orchestra, Viola
Jennifer Halpurn - Orchestra, Viola
Isabella Donneruno - Chorus, Soprano I
Taryn Feuer - Chorus, Soprano I
Zoe Warren - Chorus, Soprano I
Emily Ackerman - Chorus, Soprano II
Jenna Goz - Chorus, Soprano II
Julia Hahn - Chorus, Soprano II
Meaghan Maher - Chorus, Soprano II
Ashleigh Basel - Chorus, Alto I
Elizabeth Russell - Chorus. Alto I
Shannon Wines - Chorus, Alto I
Rachel Zulawski - Chorus, Alto I
David Goz - Chorus, Bass I
John Labua - Chorus, Bass I

All-State Performers:
David Goz - Mixed Chorus
Meaghan Maher - Mixed Chorus
Isabella Donneruno - Mixed Chorus
Katie Sierra - String Orchestra
Benjamin Strait - String Orchestra
Pegeen Friese - Symphony Orchestra
Ashleigh Basel - Treble Chorus
Taryn Feuer – Women’s Chorus
All-State Composers:
Peter Mainetti
Emma Bockrath