English Student of the Month Honored

English Student of the Month Honored photo
At the district’s October Board of Education meeting, student Christina Noelle Faber was recognized as this year’s English Student of the Month.

District Chairperson of English Language Arts Patricia Schmitt presented Christina to the Board, recounting the process of selecting a student from those nominated—and how Christina so outwardly “manifested a passion for writing and reading,” that it made her the obvious choice for the honor.

While Christina has quite the penchant for writing in and outside the classroom, she also excels and puts forth extensive dedication to the study of science, history, and music. When responding to inquiries about Christina, her teachers emphasized her enthusiasm and “renaissance spirit.” Along with enrolling in Higher Level IB English and receiving the highest possible score on her Common Core English Exam, she is a dedicated member of the E-Team, is passionate about environmental science, and hopes to pursue a degree in that field in the future.

The district congratulates Christina on this achievement, and wishes her the best of luck in her future endeavors.