Literary Pumpkin Patches at Fifth Ave and Pulaski Road

Literary Pumpkin Patch at Fifth Ave photo thumbnail103084

Students at Fifth Avenue and Pulaski Road experienced a unique mix of literature, Halloween, and Election Day during the last week in October. Children were encouraged by school librarians to, at home with their families, decorate a pumpkin in the likeness of one of their favorite literary characters. Between both schools, nearly 200 students brought in their masterfully decorated designs—iconic characters like the Grinch, Junie B. Jones, and the Headless Horsemen were painted with incredible accuracy on each pumpkin. The libraries were transformed into literary pumpkin patches after all the characters were spread throughout the room.

In the spirit of Election Day, students had the opportunity to vote on their favorite pumpkin via a single ballot they were given during library period. Students were proud of the way they brought their favorite characters to life, and discussed with one another the inspiration for their pumpkins.

Fifth Avenue fourth-grader Tyler said he thought hard about which character he would choose, but finally settled on Captain Underpants, the main character from the popular comic book-like series.

“Captain Underpants is all about an adventurous super hero, but is also about these two boys who are really relatable.” he said. “I love reading about all the messes they get into… and it was so fun to turn him into a pumpkin!”