Nature with a Story to Tell

Nature with a Story to Tell photo

Bellerose Avenue Elementary wrapped up October, a month spent focused on health and wellness, with a day of exploring and interacting with nature on Nov. 1.

Volunteers from the Town of Huntington and the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) visited the school to guide classes through trails behind the school grounds, explaining the significance behind elements of nature they’re accustomed to seeing. This hike was meant to be held in honor of National Public Lands Day, but had been postponed due to previous weather conditions.

Prior to the hike, students were taught to create and use science field guides, which they carried with them throughout the day.

“Beyond the experience of hiking, we’re trying to teach students who nature changes over time — that every living thing affects the other things around it,” said DEC representative Ron Galardi, “and how things that die create a better future for the things to come. We’re trying to show them the bigger picture, that everything around them has a story to tell.”

Students learned about the significance of certain elements of an ecosystem like shelf fungus on decaying trees, glacial erratics, sassafras trees and more.