Speaking Up and Making a Change

Speaking Up and Making a Change
Dickinson Avenue first-grader Zoe Wood recently resolved to make her voice heard by writing the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation a letter regarding her feelings on the “No Scooter” rule at Caumsett State Park.

Zoe, an active young girl who enjoys riding her scooter everywhere, did not understand why bikes were permitted at Caumsett, but scooters were not. Zoe expressed that she believed scooters were just as safe as bikes—and just as fun, too.

Upon receiving her letter, Commissioner of the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Rose Harvey park replied with a personalized response. In her letter, she thanked Zoe for voicing her ideas and revealed that, effective immediately, non-motorized scooters were officially allowed within the park.

“Always remember that one voice can make a difference, and we applaud you for speaking up,” Mrs. Harvey told Zoe in her letter. “Thank you for raising this issue with us, and thank you for caring about our parks as much as we do.”

Both Zoe’s parents and the members of her school community expressed pride in her ability to notice issues in the world around her. “Even from a young age, we seek to teach our students how to “take informed action”, and Zoe is a shining example of that,” said Dickinson Principal Laurie Storch.