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Thanksgiving STEM Fun
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During the week of before Thanksgiving, Dickinson Avenue elementary students in Ms. Neems, Ms. Barnes and Ms. Schulcz’s classes came together to complete a holiday STEM Project. Each classroom housed a different challenge in an effort to meet the specific needs of all the students within each class. Each group was made up of one student from each class, and they had to work together to complete the challenge. The first challenge included constructing a model of the “Mayflower” that was able to hold the most pilgrims while staying afloat. The second required students to create a dinner table that could hold the most Thanksgiving dishes without overlapping. The third was to construct a shelter for a turkey was hiding from a hungry family on Thanksgiving. Students worked hard to problem solve, all while having fun.

“These activities all combined science, math and creativity,” said Ms. Neems. “While faced with things like action/reaction, solving problems, and using tools, students also physically created and applied the knowledge they’ve learned in class.”