The Bill of Rights with a Twist

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Northport students enrolled in the high school’s LEAD class traveled to elementary schools throughout the district to teach children about the Bill of Rights on Dec. 13. LEAD students participate in government and understanding of basic economic concepts through leadership. For this topic in particular they worked together to create fun, relatable skits to teach elementary students about why the Bill of Rights is so important. Each group wrote their own material, using fun movie references from Despicable Me, the Lion King, Frozen, and more.

Elementary students were fascinated with the twists put on familiar movie scenes— including a scene from Monster’s Inc., where a character named Boo explained to monsters Mike and Sully why entering her house through her closet broke the 4th amendment.

“This class sounded interesting when I selected it, but it really surprised me with how much I love breaking down important concepts for kids,” said Nick, a senior enrolled in LEAD. “It’s really important to show them that everyone should have knowledge about our rights as Americans.”