NHS Senior Katie Sierra Accumulates Accolades

On Jan. 9, Northport High School was notified that senior Katie Sierra was chosen as one of the top 300 Regeneron Science Scholars nationwide in the Regeneron Science Talent Search!

Being selected to participate in one of the oldest and most revered science research competitions is no easy feat, but her in-depth science research project entitled the “Effects of Multiple Stressors on Survivorship and Growth in Juvenile Mytilus edulis” met the staggering standards for selection in this prestigious competition.

53 of the selected scholars, or 18%, currently reside on Long Island. According to District Chairperson of Science, Technology & Engineering Education Mr. David Storch this concentrated amount on Long Island alone “made the competition even that much more steep, and Katie’s selection all that more cause for celebration.”

Katie will be will be receiving a $2,000 check from the competition—the same amount that will also be given to Northport High School to use toward schoolwide STEM activities. Additionally, Katie is in the running to be selected as a top 40 finalist. If selected, she will receive a prize of $25,000 and a chance to travel to travel to Washington D.C. for the final competition. The top prize for being named the most promising emerging STEM leader in the United States is $250,000.

In addition to this incredible accomplishment, Katie was also recently nominated as one of twenty New York State candidates for the 2019 U.S. Presidential Scholarships.

These honors, in addition to being selected as Northport High School’s Science Student of the month, were recognized and commended at the district’s Board of Education Meeting on January 10.

Congratulations, Katie!