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On Jan. 9th, students in Northport High School’s Virtual Enterprise course attended The Long Island Regional Conference & Trade Show Exhibition at LIU Post. The NHS virtual enterprise (VE) company, Port Clothing, was one of more than ninety firms that represented the virtual economy. Virtual enterprise classes teach students to become business professionals by bringing the workplace into the classroom. This event in particular brought more than 1,800 students, educators, and business leaders together.

VE Firms competed in trade show booth design, salesmanship, impact marketing, and more. The NHS management team, led by CEO, Russell Mitard, included Rachel Ricciuti, VP of Sales; David Avallone, CFO; Ryan Weigand , VP of Marketing; Annette Lyubchenko, VP of Administration and Sarah Pitfick, Director of IT. These students presented their business plan and fielded questions about their company in front of a panel of judges. They won a silver award in Booth Design, and student Sarah Pitfick was interviewed by Fox 5 News about the diversity of Port Clothing's upper management team.