Accomplished and Outstanding Students Honored

Accomplished and Outstanding Students Honored photo
Accomplished and Outstanding Students Honored photo 2
Accomplished and Outstanding Students Honored photo 3
On Jan. 9, the district’s Board of Education gathered to honor accomplished and outstanding students.

NHS senior Jack Puttre was presented to the Board as the district’s technology and engineering department student of the month. Science and technology district chairperson David Storch introduced Jack, commending him for being a “studious and self-motivated student who possesses the skills and knowledge to create a better tomorrow.”

Past and current teachers also commended his adeptness at multitasking within and beyond the classroom, never hesitating to help classmates, ability to delve deeper into the problems, and demonstrate exceptional leadership in all areas of science, technology, and mathematics. Jack is also the robotics team president, supports improvement projects throughout the district and in the community, and assists teaching younger students about the importance of STEM education.

Mr. Storch also presented Northport senior Katie Sierra to the board as the science student of the month, dubbing her one of the most dedicated and passionate science students the district has ever had the pleasure of working with. In addition to her maturity, powerful intellect, and many contributions to the district’s many STEM-related programs, Katie has the discipline and motivation to put the work in to master scientific material at a deep and meaningful level. Katie has already done much impressive work for the scientific world, including completing a science research project that will provide scientists and the future aqua-culture industry with vital information on the effects of how changes in environmental conditions can affect blue mussel viability. Not only was Katie commended for her outstanding academic work, but she was also recognized for recently being named a top 300 Regeneron Science Scholar and Presidential Scholarship candidate.

Additionally, District Chairperson Sean Hurley presented this year’s selectees for the American Legion Boys/Girls State program to the Board: Maxwell Aftel, John Bravo, John Hagan, Thomas Lavin, Taylor Lindberg, Christopher Mignanelli, Kieran Weaver, Erika Ramos-Pinto, and Elizabeth Starin. This highly esteemed program guides students in becoming informed leaders, stewards of freedom, and patriotic citizens.