“Launching” science at Bellerose Avenue

“Launching” science at Bellerose Avenue photo
“Launching” science at Bellerose Avenue photo 2
“Launching” science at Bellerose Avenue photo 3
“Launching” science at Bellerose Avenue photo 4
Students at Bellerose Avenue Elementary School teamed with Northport High School students on Jan. 22 to kick off the third year of the ever-popular Science Club.

High school science teacher Mr. Greg Guido, along with high school science honor students, introduced this year’s Science Club Fluor Challenge to the third- through fifth-grade club members. The task for the elementary students was to create a catapult in order to launch a paper projectile, as well as constructing a device to catch the projectile.

Broken into groups, the elementary school students used materials such as paper, clips, craft sticks, rubber bands and plastic spoons to construct the catapults and catchers. High school students supervised while adding insight as well as tape to hold the projects together.

Groups began testing their contraptions by launching the projectiles towards the catchers throughout the school’s all-purpose room. Through repetitions and corrections, students started to find the right launch angle, distance and force to have the projectiles land in the catchers.

This event was a great opener as the science club will follow up with weekly meetings and unique contests throughout the remainder of the school year.