Students for 60,000 Help the Homeless

Students for 60,000 Help the Homeless1
The Students for 60,000 club at NHS, which is dedicated to helping the homeless, is preparing to take its first service trip to West Virginia to work in some of the most impoverished, opioid-stricken communities in the United States.

Before leaving for the trip during February break, students attended the County Executive's forum on the opioid epidemic. Additionally, the club presented the work they have been doing for the homeless, as well as what they will be doing on their service trip.

Students for 60,000 began in 1987 as a school club dedicated to assisting the homeless. The name of the club came from the approximate number of 60,000 homeless in New York City in the 1980s. Over the years, the club has turned into a program that organizes fundraisers, raising over hundreds of thousands of dollars, and raising awareness for those in need.

“This will be a chance for the students to see first-hand that, while our states may be very different, we are all still human and are all equally vulnerable to the disease of addiction,” said social studies teacher and club advisor Darryl St. George. “This trip is a continuation of seeking to fulfill our mission: helping those in need.”