Investigating Careers in Civil Engineering

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Fourth-graders in the Investigate program recently met with civil engineers from a private firm to culminate a unit on structural engineering. This program, overseen by Mrs. Frangitsa Bertos and Mrs. Brianne Furstein, is comprised of approximately 30 students across the district who show an aptitude for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)—providing them with in-depth opportunities to explore those areas.

Professional engineers from Manhattan-based firm Stantec, Maqbool Mohammed and Chris Yorlano, visited the students to discuss bridge inspection and repair process procedures, as well as the rules and regulations that effect inspection work conducted by the company.

The engineers conducted a demonstration of equipment used in the field to inspect and repair bridges, and selected two students to try on pieces of equipment that are necessary to complete rope access inspection work. The students learned that using a harness and other safety equipment when working and inspecting bridges at great heights is known as the “fall arrest system.”

The students also learned about bridge inspection work in the tri-state area, how often all bridges whether big or small need to be inspected, and about Stantec’s available high school mentorships.

Students enjoyed the visit and some even vocalized envisioning civil engineering careers in the future!