Kindergarteners Aid “Empty Bowls” Efforts

Kindergarteners Aid “Empty Bowls” Efforts photo
Kindergarteners Aid “Empty Bowls” Efforts photo 2
Kindergarteners Aid “Empty Bowls” Efforts photo 3
In preparation for Northport High School’s annual “Empty Bowls” fundraiser on March 19, students have been sculpting, painting, glazing, and firing ceramic bowls to donate to the cause. This event, which is in its 7th consecutive year, is organized by the high school art club. Each year, attendees pay to buy a hand-made bowl and a homemade meal, and the money is donated to benefit a local Northport food pantry. Part of the event’s goal is to educate people regarding issues of poverty and hunger in the community as well.

This year, kindergarteners from Ocean Avenue Elementary were invited to assist the community outreach by painting some of the pre-sculpted bowls. Art teacher and club facilitator Mrs. Linda Johansen explained the mission of the project to the kindergarteners, who were all thrilled to help.

“It’s good to help people,” said kindergartener Avery, as she thoughtfully she dipped her brush in blue paint. “When you have a lot of happiness, you should give some of it to others.”