Transformation Tetris

Transformation Tetris photo
Transformation Tetris photo 1
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Students in Ms. Jenelle Sykes’ class recently learned about composite transformations by way of the popular game Tetris.

Students were divided into groups to compete against each other. Teams took turns in solving the best possible location for a falling Tetris piece. After being shown their piece and where it would fall, each group then had two minutes to agree upon a composition of transformations that would situate the piece in a way that they felt would better their odds of eliminating a row. In order to keep teams accountable, each student needed to have the composition recorded on their paper before the final move was locked in.

Once the piece was locked in, all groups in the class were to record the move as well and sketch the piece on their own personal game board. With each group that approached the task, the class as a whole became better at the game.

Any team that was able to eliminate a row would earn one point for the group—and students got competitive.

“A lot of the students were really intrigued by the game, and as a result, knew what was going to be expected of them in the upcoming lessons,” said Ms. Sykes. “During the game, lot of them seemed to want to complete every challenge, and not just their individual teams’. It was wonderful seeing them so engaged in a lesson.”