Praise-Worthy Students Honored

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Two of the district’s outstanding students were honored at the Board of Education meeting on April 12. Seniors Emma Canfora and Shea Cronin were recognized as the Rotary and Health Education Department Student of the Month and Physical Education Department Student of the Month, respectively.

Mark Dantuono, Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics, presented both students to the Board with an overflow of praise for each student, and how they exemplified excellence in each department.

“Within health class especially, Emma has made countless impressionable impacts on the lives of her peers,” said Mr. Dantuono, “sharing openly and encouraging them to persevere through hard times—especially when struggling with maintaining mental health.”

Academically, Emma is a hardworking student who is always striving to reach her full potential. She has volunteered for both local and national political campaigns, spent a semester as a senate Page in Washington D.C., and aspires to eventually make mental health for more accessible for all, eliminating the stigma it carries in our society.

Three-sport athlete Shea Cronin was praised for the energy, skill, and willingness to help others that she displays on a regular basis. “She is extremely coachable, and is often the driving force behind her teams’ success,” said Mr. Danutono. “Her coaches all agree that she is a shining example sportsmanship, and the good in today’s youth.”

In addition to her excellence on the field, Shea challenges herself academically in both AP and IB courses. She aspires to become a physician assistant and hopes to attend the university of Wisconsin-Madison after graduation.

Congratulations, students!