Thinking Outside of the Box

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In a fun and challenging synthesis of math, science, and reading comprehension, third graders in Ms. Katie Moy’s class at Ocean Avenue worked together to save the endangered Golden Tree Frogs during a hands-on “Breakout Lesson”. This interactive lesson was acquired through BreakoutEdu—an educational organization that creates lessons that require students to use critical thinking, collaboration, and creative communicating to break open locked boxes.

Students worked together to solve a series of clues to open a series of locks ultimately resulting in saving the hypothetical endangered tree frogs and transporting them to a safe location.

Clues came with challenges including building a 3-D cage for the frogs out of clay and toothpicks and using a series of codes that would bring frog through a maze to reach a cricket as a lock combination.

Groups of students were the picture of concentration and teamwork, with looks of determination on each of their faces. When the first team completed all tasks and opened all the locks, students cheered and high fived each other.

“These lessons can either introduce or reinforce math, science, and reading skills, and the kids respond so positively to them,” said Curriculum Coordinator Amy Laverty. “They know there’s no prize for winning, just the satisfaction of using their brains and a job well done, and that alone motivates them.”