Northport welcomes new students

Northport welcomes new students  thumbnail133479

Students reconnected with old friends and made news ones at Norwood Avenue Elementary School on Sept. 5.

Sharon Stummer and Holly Johnson started the day with a routine morning meeting. First graders sat “crisscross applesauce” in a circle on the floor as they took turns introducing themselves, along with a special stuffed animal that they brought with them. 

Students in Jennifer O’Connor’s class started the day off with a special visit from Principal Michael Genovese, who congratulated them on their behavior, which earned them two points towards a future “compliment celebration.” Ms. O’Connor said that for every 10 points, the class can vote to have a pajama day, dance party or even earn extra time during recess. 

In Adam Wessinger’s class, fourth graders learned secret handshakes with their classmates as a way to break the ice and meet new friends. 

At Bellerose Elementary School students participated in similar activities, unpacked their supplies and enjoyed playing with their friends during recess. Kelly Motherway even had her fifth graders collaborate on how to rearrange the classroom to their liking. 

Students at Dickinson Elementary , Fifth Avenue Elementary, Ocean Elementary, Pulaski Road Elementary, East Northport Middle, Northport Middle and Northport High School all settled into their routines nicely. Kindergarteners will return to school on Sept. 6. The district looks forward to another successful year.