‘Students for 60,000’ raise funds and awareness

‘Students for 60,000’ raise funds and awareness photo thumbnail143187
On Nov. 8, members of Northport High School’s club, “Students for 60,000,” participated in their annual “Shelter the Homeless and Needy This Year” fundraising event. 

The evening included speakers who provided insight and knowledge on the problem of homelessness in the country. Their stories offered students a unique perspective and understanding of the club’s mission: “Helping and Empowering Those in Need.” 

The night concluded with the students braving the elements and sleeping in boxes during one of the coldest nights of the year thus far, simulating the homeless experience and reinforcing why the work of “Students for 60,000” matters. The club members did an incredible job raising funds for local food pantries and organizations who work with the needy on a daily basis.