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Elementary Students Visit HS Greenhouse

Norwood Ave students visit HS greenhouse photo thumbnail161576

Third graders enrolled in the district’s Investigate Gifted & Talented program were the first elementary school students to visit Northport High School’s greenhouse on Jan. 16. 

Led by Greenhouse Coordinator Janet Byler, the students conducted two experiments. Over the course of two weeks, they will study the effects of salt water on germination and the effects over fertilization has on algae growth. Third graders learned about the natural displacement of fertilization from storm water runoff and salt water from hurricanes.

Additionally, students explored the greenhouse, where high school students in the Friends of the Greenhouse club conduct experiments and grow assorted plants and fruits, including milkweed and bananas. Two students even got to take home souvenir carrots from the school’s vegetable garden.

Students will return to the high school on Jan. 30 to collect data and discuss their experiments.