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Northport takes on Faculty Fitness Challenge

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Northport High School’s physical education department is challenging the school’s other departments to post 20 second exercise videos to Instagram using the #NorthportFacultyFitnessChallenge.
On March 30, physical education teacher Kaylie LaLotta took the initiative to rally her fellow department members together and jumped on the opportunity to “sweat off the stress.”
The video shared the benefits of exercise, which include sharper memory and thinking skills, increased self-esteem, better sleep, more energy and stronger resilience.
To participate in the challenge, teachers and staff must upload a 20 second video clip of any fitness activity, such as walking the dog, playing a sport or learning some new TikTok dance moves. Then, challenge another teacher or department to do the same and tag @Northport_Athletics on Instagram and include #NorthportFacultyFitnessChallenge.

Please click on the link below to view the physical education department’s video.