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Family and Consumer Science Student of the Month

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Congratulations to Northport High School senior Jenna Goz who was recently selected as the Family and Consumer Science department’s Student of the Month. While the district’s board of education was unfortunately unable to be publicly recognize her at its March meeting, her accomplishment will not be forgotten.

Jenna has been involved in the early childhood education course since freshman year and has nurtured her passion for helping children – a passion that she plans to peruse in a career as a speech pathologist. Over the years, Jenna has worked one on one with both 2 and 4-year olds and has described the program as the most rewarding experience of her high school career.

“When you see that you have an impact on the kids, it’s amazing,” she said.

Her teachers have described Jenna as having an “innate desire to help children,” expressing that she will be highly successful in her career path.

Throughout high school, Jenna has taken IB Spanish and LEAD and is very involved in extracurriculars such as tour and jazz choir, powdered wigs, theater troop, SHARE and Students for 60K. It was during her trips to Nicaragua during her freshman and sophomore years that she furthered her love of helping others.