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‘Investigate’ students attend virtual assembly on internet advertising

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On May 8, Northport-East Northport third graders in the district’s Investigate Gifted & Talented program took part in an interactive and informative presentation on Internet advertising. The enrichment program emphasizes higher level thinking skills, problem solving activities and cooperative learning techniques. This semester, third graders have been studying advertising as part of their curriculum.

Arthur Frischman, an ‘Investigate’ parent and owner of an internet adverting company, met with students via Google Meet. He demonstrated how the internet works, and how online advertising can reach potential customers through three methods: intent based, behavioral and retargeting.

He explained how the internet gathers information regarding a person’s age, gender, marital status and hobbies, and showed students how ads use that information to target online consumers. Additionally, he spoke about how advertisers use “hook, story, offer” to grab the attention of potential customers.

Students then had the opportunity to try this technique for themselves. At home, they have been creating and illustrating their own internet advertisements, which they plan to share with their classmates during an upcoming Google Meet.